guest list

guest list policy

1. To be put on the list, please fill out the guest list form with your preferred date and correct name and email. You will be notified with confirmation. When arriving at the venue, please go to the line and present your government issued ID. Management has the right to refuse entry. Thank you, we look forward to seeing you soon.

2. RSVP for Complimentary cover and line bypass for everyone on the guestlist before 11:30 PM on Saturday nights.

3. Guest List provides priority entry BUT does not guarantee entry. Bottle service reservations, Owners Guest List, are placed in priority sequence of website requests. Once capacity is reached a one out - one in policy will be implemented without negotiation and cover charge will be implemented. Bar Rayna Encourages all to come early and avoid disappointment.

4. Dress code is fashionable attire. We do not permit flip flops, beat up running shoes, athletic wear such as jerseys, ripped jeans or baggy clothing. Management reserves all rights to refuse entry.

please fill out the guest list form in full